Making Aid Work

I have 20 years experience in planning, managing, and improving international assistance, building on a 12-year background in national civil protection in Germany. I have worked extensively in national disaster response, international humanitarian response, recovery, and resilience building programmes. As a consultant I support strategic planning and evaluate programmes. With a wide range of experience in countries in crisis, developing countries, and middle income countries, I work both with humanitarian and development programmes, with a particular interest in the nexus between them.



Monitoring & Evaluation I am very experienced in M&E and have particular and unique experience in establishing and managing monitoring systems in hard-to-access areas. I help organizations with conceptualizing their monitoring needs, evaluating existing monitoring systems, and proposing improved and strengthened mechanisms. I review and evaluate projects, programmes, and responses, and have authored and co-authored syntheses of evaluations. 


Aid Systems  I have in-depth experience in planning and managing systems for results in difficult environments, including remote management of aid. The principles of Results Based Management (RBM) guide my work. I work with organizations on strategic planning (country programs, program strategies, global strategies).


Disaster Risk Reduction I have worked with government and civil society to strengthen disaster preparedness, complementing my civil protection expertise. I have a particular interest in holistic approaches to Disaster Risk Reduction that cut across sectors to strengthen people's resilience to shocks. I evaluate Disaster Risk Reduction and Civil Protection Programmes, review and strengthen risk-informed programming, and help organizations overcome sector boundaries in building resilience through their work.